Are you looking for a Christmas gift for dad?

Our Soulbuddy Hats are also ideal as a gift idea: Are you looking for a birthday gift for dad, the next Christmas gift for dad or do you want to announce the pregnancy to the dad-to-be with a dad to be gift? Our kids hats in size S fit even the very youngest and guarantee a successful dad and son matching outfit!

SOULBUDDY Hats - Set of 2

Mommy and me outfits

But we also have the right style for the moms among you. Whether it's a mother daughter matching outfit or a matching family outfit - we offer you different colours so that you can create your own individual family Christmas outfit, Birthday gift for new moms or maternity gift. There is also a hat for every age because our stylish hats are available in 4 different sizes (see size chart). For these very reasons, the Soulbuddy Hats are also ideal as a Mother's Day gift, as special baby shower gifts for girls, or - for the very unusual gift-givers - as a newborn gift for birth as a special baby gift! With Soulbuddy Hats, you are definitely well positioned when needing the next gift idea, such as gift ideas for Christmas 2021, or Mother’s Day comes along.


Matching Family Outfits

Would you like the Mini me matching look for more than three people? Then simply combine several sets or add individual styles to your shopping cart. This way you can combine different colours and create a matching family outfitfor as many family members as you like.

This way you can also find a suitable matching look for siblings. Since you can shop the same style in different sizes, there's sure to be something for young and old. The possibilities are almost endless for matching sibling outfits, because the combination options from the current 5 different styles ensure that every child gets a hat in their favourite colour and everything still fits together. The Soulbuddy Hats are therefore not only something for the brother and sister matching look, but also for matching outfits for best friends.

FAMILY Hats - Set of 3

Pregnancy Announcement

Even before the birth of a child, there are rumours: Will the little one look more like mom or dad? With the Soulbuddy Hats in matching family style, this question is superfluous, because you are unmistakably a team as a family, even outwardly!

Or are you looking for a great and individual gift for the birth or would you like to announce your pregnancy to your partner with a dad to be gift or new dad gift? Then the Soulbuddy Hats in a set of 2 or 3 with the Kids Hat in size S are just the thing for you! This way you get very special newborn gifts for the birth or finally have an idea how to announce your pregnancy. 

At the next baby shower, you’ll definitely have the best baby shower gifts for dads with the Soulbuddy Hats Set of 2 or more.

SOULBUDDY Hats - Set of 2