How To: Break In A New Hat

Breaking in a new hat can be crucial for ultimate comfort. When you’re dealing with your mini me’s sensitive head, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable, stiff hat cradling their cranium! This is especially true for snapback hats.

Breaking in a hat is sort of like breaking in new shoes, and just as important. We have tips for getting those hats to fit comfortably!

First: Find the Right Fit 

Here’s the thing: you can’t break in a hat if it isn’t the right fit. Hats that are too big won’t conform to the shape of your head, while hats that are too tight won’t always stretch out. 

If you don’t know what size hat you are, check out our size chart! We have sizing guides for everyone, from baby to daddy, as well as instructions on how to measure.

Generally, for fitted hats, you want them to sit comfortably above your ears. There should be a bit of a snug fit, but it shouldn’t feel like someone is squeezing your head, and you shouldn’t get a headache!

How To Break Your Hat In

The best way to break your hat in is also the easiest: by wearing it regularly! Putting the hat on and taking it off, adjusting it, and wearing it during everyday activities will help loosen the fit so it conforms to your head shape.

If your hat is made from cotton (like SOULBUDDY’s snapbacks) or wool, you can speed up the process. Simply get the crown of your hat wet, then wear it until it’s dry. Because polyester is a synthetic fiber, it won’t have the same reactivity as cotton and wool, so your best bet is to wear it as often as you can.

Shaping a Hat’s Bill 

If you have a flat brimmed hat, you may want to curve the bill. To do so, regularly take your hands and shape the brim into the curve you want. It won’t happen immediately – hats are structured for a reason! – but with constant pressure over a long period of time, it’ll begin to mold into the right shape.

There are some risks to being hands-on, though: you can create a sharp dent rather than a sleek, U-shaped curve, or the curve may come out asymmetrical. To avoid this, you can also mold the hat using coffee mugs, soup cans, and other rounded objects. It’ll take consistency, just like using your hands, but it’s still a sure bet. 

Final Thoughts

When in doubt: just wear it! It doesn’t get easier than that. But if it’s been awhile and you’re still uncomfortable, it might be worth it to soak it. If you have a SOULBUDDY hat that you’ve broken in, tag us on Instagram and share your secrets.

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