Father’s Day Destinations Sure To Make Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up soon - an opportunity to show Dad your appreciation for him! In this blog post, the SOULBUDDY team will be taking you through an ideal Father’s Day itinerary for this special occasion! 

Father’s Day comes once a year, and we have no doubt that you’ve already chosen the perfect gift to give to Dad. However, if you’re running out of creative ideas for how to spend this special day with the father figures in your life, we here at SOULBUDDY have the perfect Father’s Day activities to help you and Dad create new experiences together. Wherever you and Dad choose to spend the day together, we’ve got you covered!

Father’s Day Destinations

  • Take Dad on a fishing trip. There’s no better way to experience quality father-child bonding than with a classic fishing trip on the lake or river. It’s a perfect place to relax with Dad - with the occasional “bite” thrown in! 
  • Go to the beach with Dad. As a beachwear brand, we may be a bit biased - but we definitely think that the beach is one of the most perfect places to spend Father’s Day! Soak up the sun, bring a picnic, swim in the ocean, play some beach volleyball, build sandcasdtles - spend this day engaging in summer activities with your number one guy! 
  • Go on a family picnic. Whether this be at the park, an arboretum, the beach, or even a backyard picnic - any serene outdoor setting will do! Be sure to pack some yummy, healthy treats - some classic picnic hits you can bring are potato salad, caprese sandwiches, fruit salad, chocolate cake, iced tea, chips, and macaroni salad. Additionally, bring along card games, board games, and plan out some outdoor games and activities for the whole fam!
  • Take a nature hike together. Hiking is a perfect way to stay active while having fun with the family on Father’s Day! Whether you prefer a strenuous, active hike, or a shorter jaunt through nature, this can be an ideal way to spend your Father’s Day. Regardless, be sure to come prepared and stay hydrated during your hike! 

Father's Day only comes once a year - so take this opportunity to show Dad how much you appreciate his presence in your life! We hope you enjoyed our list of Father’s Day destinations and that you take your SOULBUDDY hats along for the adventure with you! As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram @soulbuddyhats for travel and adventure tips, and be sure to tag us in your posts across social media with #soulbuddyhats so we can see how you style your SOULBUDDY gear! 

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