3 Stylish Hairstyles to Wear With Hats

Oh, the dreaded hat hair, the painful scalps, and the hats that just won’t fit over a mane of thick, curly hair. What are you to do when your hair just won’t behave with your hat? Answer: find hairstyles that work with your hats!

Here at SOULBUDDY, we have three styles of hats: snapbacks, trucker hats, and beanies. Obviously, someone with a bob won’t be able to throw their hair into braids like someone with long hair. But there are hairstyles for everyone – these are our favorites!

1. The Ponytail

woman with ponytail wearing beanie

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle for anyone who wears hats – no matter how long or short your hair is. If you can throw it back, we recommend it! Not only will this stop your hair from denting around the hat’s band – it’ll also keep your hair from flying into your face.

One thing we recommend: finding hair ties that don’t crinkle your hair where the ponytail meets the scalp. This can give you a dent should you let your hair down after a day with your hair up. Another tip: don’t tie it too tightly, or your scalp will hurt where the hair was pulled back!

2. Braid(s)

black woman with multiple braids wearing a sun hat and smiling at the camera.

There are so many braids you can pick from: fishtail, French, a basic 3-strand, and more. No matter which braid you pick – and whether you go for one or multiple – braids are comfortable, chic, and make avoiding hat hair a breeze. 

And, just an added bonus: if you braid your hair while wet, undoing the braids later will give you wavy hair – envied by all!

3. A Messy Bun

the profile of a man looking down, hair in a messy bun with a brimmed hat on

Finally, if you’re not one to care about how flawless your hair looks, a messy bun is an easy way to keep hair out of your face without the finesse. All you need is a hair tie and 15 seconds, and you’re good to go! The best part about messy buns: they’re meant to look messy, and they’re as casual as your baseball hat. No fuss here!

Final Thoughts

The best thing about these hairstyles: anyone can wear them. No matter how thick, long, or curly your hair is, one of these (or all of them!) will work for you. So, grab a hair tie or two, your favorite hat, and get on with your day!

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