Three Easy Ways To Stretch Out A Hat

We talked about breaking in hats, but it’s not the same as stretching a hat out – and when your hat is too tight, stretching your hat out might be the only option. If you’re needing to do the latter, we’ve got some tips and tricks that you can try to loosen the fit!

Is My Hat Too Tight?

If you feel a headache coming on each time you wear it, your hat doesn’t have any give, or it looks more like a swimming cap than a fitted cap, your hat is too tight. Hats should sit comfortably above your ears and grip your head, but not to the point of pain.

When you need to break in a hat, it may feel uncomfortable, but it should feel like the right fit – even if it doesn’t completely mold to your head shape. It should be snug, but it shouldn’t feel like someone is squeezing your head.

Think of it this way: you want your hat to stay on when going about your day, but you don’t want it to hang on for dear life.

Three Ways To Stretch Out Your Hat

There are many ways you can stretch out a hat, but some can cause a deformation of the shape. That’s why we recommend the spray method, sports ball method, or stretching method. All of these can be done easily at home.

Spraying Your Hat

If you only need to stretch out your hat a tiiiiny bit, then the spray method is the best place to start. All it requires is a spray bottle, water, and some patience.

  1. Spray the inside of your hat with warm water. Focus around the band, specifically, and avoid spraying any parts that could face water damage. It doesn’t need to be soaking, but it should be damp enough to give some pull.
  2. Using medium to high heat, run a blow dryer over the inside of the hat until it’s damp. 
  3. Wear the hat until it’s completely dry. At this point, it should feel looser; if not, you can try the process again.

Using a Sports Ball

This is ideal for stretching out fitted hats – especially baseball caps – with a rounded crown. Simply place a deflated ball inside your hat, then use an air pump to inflate it until that cap is stretched out around the ball. 

Let the ball sit overnight, then test out the hat the next morning. If it still doesn’t fit, you can try stretching the hat out again.

Invest in a Hat Stretcher

A hat stretcher – aka The Hat Jack – can be bought at many stores, and you can order it online, too (Amazon Prime, anyone?). The Hat Jack is great for keeping hats’ shapes, but it can also be used as a way to stretch out a hat. The secret steps:

  1. Bring water to a boil, and hold the hat above the steam for 30-60 seconds.
  2. While the hat is still hot, use the Hat Jack to stretch out the band.
  3. Leave the hat stretched out at least overnight (ideally longer).
  4. Remove the Hat Jack and try on the cap. Repeat the method until you’ve stretched it out enough.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right fit for a hat can be difficult for anyone, no matter their age. If you’ve noticed that your hats never fit just right, you may be measuring incorrectly (or not measuring at all!). We put together a size chart with instructions on how to measure your and your soulbuddys’ heads, so your next hat will be the perfect fit.

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